Your is your freedom to go places. It takes you to where you want to play, to shop, to visit friends. It takes you to work, hauls the kids around. If it is a truck it hauls stuff, climbs mountains, takes you hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, pulls your trailer. Wether it is your dream vehicle or basic transportation, you depend on it. So why would you not do the maintenance that keeps it humming along?​
We at Patriot Automotive strongly believe that regular maintenance of your vehicle is important to its future driveability. We see too many cars brought in that have not had regular maintenance and the owner is now facing costly repair bills. We will keep records of your maintenance visits and send you e-mail reminders of when your next maintenance is due.* As always, whenever you bring your vehicle to us we will thoroughly inspect it.
When most people think of routine maintenance on a vehicle, what comes to mind is a regular oil and filter change. While that is an important item, there is so much more to maintaining a vehicle. Please click on the NAPA SERVICE ASSISTANT app for a great explanation of your vehicle's maintenance needs. There you can also get an estimate of what each item will cost. Then come see us, you'll be glad you did.

Were you aware that auto dealers cannot refuse to honor your warranty just because the routine maintenance was done elsewhere? Read about it at
Have you ever gotten to speak directly to the mechanic at a dealership when the service writer tells you something your vehicle needs? That's the advantage of independent shops!

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