There are many systems and hundreds of parts on every vehicle. Eventually these systems and parts will be in need of repair. Vehicle problems can be stressful and other items in need of repair can often be dangerous and sometimes result in fatal accidents.

At  Patriot Automotive​, we repair your vehicle as though it was our own. Not only do we want you back up and running, but we also feel a strong responsibility to the people with whom you share the road. We want you to understand why a repair is being made. We try to never talk down to our customers and have had positive comments about this, especially from our female customers.

A great place to help our customers understand vehicle systems, parts and repair is at a NAPA AutoCare Center. You can also get a ball park estimate of what a repair might cost on your vehicle.

We can not give an accurate estimate without seeing the vehicle and even then only after we determine what all is needed to make a quality repair.

Patriot Automotive implies a 1 year 12,000 nationwide warranty on all new or remanufactured parts, unless otherwise noted on invoice. No warranty is provided for used or customer provided parts. Abuse, modification, or damage not caused by Patriot Automotive voids all warranties. In the event the vehicle cannot be returned to Patriot Automotive for warranty purposes, arrangements will be made to deliver the vehicle to a nearby facility for repairs.​

Need collision repair? We partner with Gerber Collision and Glass
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Need towing? Any towing service will bring your vehicle to Patriot Automotive

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(Please specify that you want your vehicle towed to Patriot Automotive at 620 E Francis Ave.)

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