Tire Service

We Sell Most Brands of New Tires
We stock popular sizes of some of our best selling brands. We can quickly get others through our tire distributor, assuring you that you are getting the newest technology in tires.
All new, complete tire sets, come with free rotation and balance for the life of the tire and road hazard warranty covers all flat repairs. In the event the tire injury cannot be repaired the tire will have to be replaced at the customer’s expense.

We Can Show You a Large Assortment of Custom Wheels.
Custom wheels can often dramatically change the look of your vehicle and give it that “wow” factor. Come on in and we will show you a wide selection to choose from.​
Styles of custom wheels change frequently, so don’t limit yourself to stock on hand. We will order you that “Perfect Set of Wheels”.

“We’re more than just a complete automotive service and repair shop.”
If you think about it, the only part of your car that actually touches the road, are your tires. We at Patriot Automotive sell tires because we consider it an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance.

Every time we do anything on your vehicle, we inspect all of your tires. We will show you why we think you need to replace them. However, we are experienced in tire wear patterns and we take it one step further. We will diagnose why a tire is wearing unevenly. It makes no sense to put a replacement tire on your vehicle and have it wear just like the old one.
Some tire stores are more than eager to sell you a set of tires, then add on an alignment without considering that some other factor may be affecting tire wear.

We are now an authorized dealer of

Our shop offers custom wheels from WheelPros and ATDwheels.

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